The Company

Minerva resources is global trading company that specialises in natural resources. Ours scope includes trading in İron, manganese, chrome ore, mill scale, coal, steel, pyrite, and similar commodities globally. We have numerous strategic contacts all around the global commodity trading routes mean we are efficiently positioned. We have world-class opportunities across many geographically diverse locations and a wide range of commodity businesses that will creat great opportunities for our customers .

Minerva also trading in Stone industry with some of the most experienced, capable and accomplished experts and well known, consistent and proven sources since 2000.

We can offer our customers and suppliers all around the world a professional service . We able to coordinate and manage all activities from Istanbul and Beijing Office .

The expansion of the value creation chain to the project business serves the goal of enhancing our independence on the procurement market and improving our ability to supply our customers. Our customers can also benefits with intensive daily market observation and competent analyses regarding future developments ensure the best opportunities . We are constantly seeking opportunities with our global network of representative offices and affiliated companies in which to create value for our customers. The expertise we have gained from our long term experiences in international shipping also results in favorable shipping rates and reliable deliveries in any time.

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