MİNERVA RESOURCES is a rapidly growing trading company for commodities with a focus on trading iron ore, chrome ore and stone.

With our local office expertise on site, we offer our customers a broad selection of offers for customized services in the trading business.

This MİNERVA RESOURCES  makes your global trading partner. Our network of offices allows us to ensure that we can supply to best opportunities our customers on time.

Iron ore

The chemical element iron is not usually found in its pure form in nature, but rather mostly as oxidic iron ore which is extracted through mining. It is the second most common metal after aluminum. The ore is used in making steel, which is not only needed in the infrastructure and real estate industries, but is also of great importance to the automotive, shipbuilding, production and household appliance industries as well.

We offer iron ore with an FE content of 50% to 63,5 % as iron ore lumps and iron ore sinter feed among other formats. Our supply offers also include steel raw materials such as steel billets, coils, mill scale and beach or pig iron.

In addition to our core business with iron ore, our product range also includes chrome and manganese ore as well as  Mill scale. In other words, we offer a broad spectrum of commodities that play a key role in the metal and steel industries.

If you would like more information or to place an order, our team would be happy to support you.

Chrome Ore

Manganese Ore

Mill Scale





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